Will this rape culture ever stop?

Demonstration against rape culture

Demonstration against rape culture

I am a woman. I am not afraid.

I am a woman. I am a woman who is not afraid to speak out and say enough is enough – this bullshit needs to stop, right now. I cannot stand rape culture, nor can I get along with social injustice. I hate bigotry more than you could ever imagine.

Let me tell you a little more about me and how I became a feminist and came to realize all the issues males are causing around the world – and by that I mean “white men”, because in the vast majority of instances of sexism, white men are the ones to blame.

I was raised in Santa Barbara, CA. I had a brother who would always look at me funny as if to say “Look at her, she is different and will never achieve anything in society” – as I turned 3 years old, I came to realize that I was not like him, that nothing would ever change that, because I had no control whatsoever over the gender I was born into. I would never become a privileged white male. Time passed by up until my 18th birthday when I moved out of home to go to college. There I enrolled in a gender studies program, I worked much harder than any men ever have and ever will in their life. I got straight A’s and eventually met the admission requirements to enroll in a course named “Sexism and why women are oppressed by white males’ patriarchy” – there I understood everything: white males are so privileged that they are willing to do anything to keep women from taking their precious patriarchy away. In that class, while I was getting straight A’s and was always being congratulated by my female professor, all the disgusting white males were getting poor grades; which proves my point that males are stupid, but more on that in a minute.

I obtained my BA in Gender Studies in 2012 and still had a little bit of hope left to wrongly believe that I could be competing with males’ patriarchy. I moved to the east coast shortly thereafter and started looking for a job. I first applied to work at a bank – because that’s all I had ever wanted to do, I had seen and heard so much on TV about being a trader that I knew for a fact I would know better than any other interviewees and that I would nail that interview.

NO means NO

NO means NO


I dressed up nicely and went to the interview – there were 12 persons there (myself included) and it was a collective interview. Guess what?! All males but me, the only woman in the middle of the patriarchy at its best. But hey, we live in a meritocracy I was thinking, I’m still going to show them all that I know my shit and that I’m gonna get that job.

Then comes the individual interview – of course, again the HR person was a male. I told him my story and explained him I know everything there is to know about investment banking, and more generally about everything in general. As I was handing him my resumé, he looked at me and opened his disgusting male’s mouth to say these words I will never forget: “You are not a man, why would I hire you?”. I told him that I would be able to view things from a different angle and in a more emotionally intelligent manner than men. For some reason, he called me a feminazi bitch and started abusing me. That was humiliating and unfair. This is still a very sensitive topic today, I can barely even talk about it out loud and can only write about it.

I hope I’ll be able to find some support. Those filthy men disgust me.

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    Hmmm… You sound like you don’t like hearing about your privileges, you filthy straight white male

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