Who is Oliver Freitag?

Oliver Freitag is the co-founder of KeyboardMilk.com. Independent collaborators have gathered some biographical information about Oliver as many of our readers expressed the wish to know a little more about the founders of this website – who they are, where they come from, where they are and what they do.

Biography of Oliver Freitag

Born and raised in Zurich, Oliver is what they call a city-boy. He has always lived in Zurich and appreciates the beauty conveyed by the technologically advanced industrial city. He is insomniac and often walks through the night drawing city lights. His father was an industrial mechanic who specialized in nano-machines and city building. His mother a piano teacher at the local school. He was raised in a musically mechanical environment and hence he became a sound engineer, helping many famous artists with musical structure and analysis. He lived through a dramatic accident in his twenties (lung perforation) that involved a nuclear meltdown and small explosion.

His main interests are creating sounds on synthesizers and solving complicated equations. He became very rich at an early age (Zurich’s 10 richest men) thanks to a clever investment in plexiglass. Oliver is also proficient in several languages and is often seen at major charity events. He has also written a best-selling book saga.

He met co-founder Hans-Peter a while ago and formed an infamous electronic duo that propelled raves internationally. His wish is to find niche artists and help the talented in need.


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