Who is Hans-Peter Olivrin?

Hans-Peter Olivrin (HSO) is the co-founder of KeyboardMilk.com. Independent collaborators have gathered some biographical information about Hans-Peter as many of our readers expressed the wish to know a little more about the founders of this website – who they are, where they come from, where they are and what they do.

Biography of Hans-Peter Olivrin

Hans-Peter Olivrin was born in 1974 in a little town of Southern Bavaria (Germany). He worked at the family farm from his 3rd birthday until he turned 18 when he decided to leave Bavaria and start exploring the world on his own. He first moved to Tibet where he spent a couple of years in a temple living with the Buddhist monks. During his time spent with the monks, he learned to master the science of martial arts and soon became the one we called “The German tornado”. After having learned everything he could learn from the monks, HSO decided it was time for him to move on and find his place in the society; as what he knew the best back then was martial arts, he decided to move to the kingdom of Muay Thai.

His project of moving to Thailand finally materialized in May 1994. After a brief time sleeping on the streets, he started fighting with the locals in championships, he would soon contest in national and international martial arts championships. That is in 1996 that he lost his first Muay Thai championship and got severely injured. Although quickly recovered, he was forced to stop boxing and as misfortune never comes alone, HSO became depressive and addicted to gambling. Hans-Peter Olivrin gained a lot of money during his brief poker and blackjack player, but eventually lost everything he had gained in 1998 – there begins the dark period of his life. He had no dream and no money left. From 1997 to 1999, he would sleep on the streets of Bangkok again as the vagabond that he was, he would also prostitute himself to survive. That’s on one of these dark days that he met Oliver Freitag (co-founder of KeyboardMilk.com). Oliver Freitag helped HSO to retrieve the dignity he had lost, and Hans-Peter soon became the brave and ambitious man he had always been.

Oliver had just finished writing a book he wanted to get published and he wanted to move to New York to pursue that goal. Hans-Peter Olivrin followed Oliver to the U.S in late 1999 as he had nothing left in Thailand but bad memories. They lived in the Bronx for a few months before Oliver’s book got published, but HSO still had no goal in mind and felt even more depressed to see his buddy getting fame and fortune. He would be learning the guitar when Oliver would be on a business trip around the world to promote his book. After a few months learning the guitar, he also started playing the drums, and would soon master all the music instruments you could imagine. He was back on track.

In 2001, HSO released his first album named “Golden champagne” which immediately became a hit song worldwide. Thanks to all that money he had earned with that song, he founded his label and anonymously produced many artists you likely know.

In 2014, after more than a decade in the music and art industry, Hans-Peter and Oliver digitalized their music knowledge because they thought it was the right time for them to help other artists and also provide Internet users with the point of view of experts about today’s culture.


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