SynthBear – The synthetic bear of Central Park

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9 Musicality

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Hello to SynthBear!


As of last Friday, SynthBear is back in central park!

Where was synth Bear these last few weeks?

SynthBear was in Hospital (poor bear!) Because so many children had hugged him, hugged him too hard that he had multiple fractures! So be careful don’t squeeze SynthBear too much! As you recall we announced a collaboration with SynthBear and here it is, he has sent us a copy of his new E.P ” Sounds From Central Park” which features two live tracks: “Creamy Greens” and “Sticky Straw”. Both songs were played live in the park and many children gathered round to listen.

SynthbearLet us remind you that synthbear cannot talk as he is a bear but he manages to pass on emotion through his music. He plays many different instruments that are in his trolly, but sometimes his music is considered amateur,  this is due to the fact that he has paws and not hands and cannot be as precise as a human. Synthbear can be quite clumsy sometimes! Clusmybear!

We are already in love with synthbear here at KeyboardMilk.Com, many children have sent us fan mail, which we will be sure to transmit to Synthbear! We can be sure that we are very soon going to hear about that bear that makes music!

As always on – you can listen to the songs we promote for free, but for copyright reasons, these songs are not available for download as SynthBear’s record label does not want his music to be given away for free.

Sticky Straw by Synthbear:


Creamy Greens by SynthBear:

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  • Bethy Meve

    Is synthbear a sexual bear in any way? I hope he won’t rape the children. But other than that it all seems like jolly good fun.

  • Jay Koda

    NYC is definitely fucked up. I’ve been living there for 10 years now, and I tell you what, it’s becoming worse and worse each day that God makes

  • Jenna Godo

    And they let it play music in the middle of Central Park while it’s a bear that could basically eat everyone and make a mess of everything around in a couple of seconds? Insane NYC, see that’s exactly the kind of non sense that made me leave NYC

  • Bryan Fennston

    I would have killed to attend a concert given by a bear back when I was a little boy. I’m a grown ass man now though, dont care about that bullshit synthbear. Go get a job damn bear!!!

  • Janice McDonnley

    Wooooow!!!! WTF???!! I cant even play any kind of music myself pouuuuuuuwaaaa, that bear is just a better human being than I am hahaaa