Stephan Shutter – Robot Dance (Norwegian artist)

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The number one song in Norway “Robot Dance” has hit and it has hit us hard indeed.

Robot Dance is a dance for all the robots in the world. Keyboardmilk.Com discovered this artist in Norway whilst salmon fishing! The artist’s aim is to recreate the 70’s in a postmodern way! Robot dance just makes you want to dance! So everybody on the dance-floor and let’s dance with the robots.

Who is the mastermind behind Robot Dance?

Stephan Shutter is the man behind Robot Dance, he creates digital airwaves on numerous synthesizers and mixes effects. Stephan is a technological nerd and gamer, he also loves to dance all night. He seems to be stuck in the 70s. He is also a highly skilled programmer and makes video clips. He loves to drink and take ecstasy, he’s living the dream.

Robot dance album cover

We will be hearing more from Stephan Shutter very soon with his album “Digital Dreaming” hitting the shelves later this year.

As always, you can listen to that artist’s most popular song for free in the player right below!

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  • Daniel

    I actually love the music video haha that’s great!

  • Olena

    Haha! I’ve actually met that guy once at a festival in Stockholm!! Not only is he an awesome musician, he also is an awesome person. So glad he made it to the top! C ya!

  • Jens

    Whoooow, that guy is awesome!!! Definitely love his song!!!

  • keyboardmilk

    Thanks again to Stephan for letting us feature his song on