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Jump for all the right reasons!

The Jumping Rope : Jump for All the Right Reasons.

Jumping rope image

Jump for all the right reasons!

Little girls giggle in playgrounds while using their jumping ropes. Rocky sweats before entering the ring thanks to his… You gave it up long ago and yet you should never leave home without it. Read on to discover all the benefits of using the jumping rope (again).

Ease of Access and no Hassle.

Using the jumping rope couldn’t be easier. You can use jump inside, outside, in a park or at the beach… Stowed in your bag this helpful tool can follow you throughout the day. What’s more is that this sport doesn’t cost anything. That’s right, using a jumping rope doesn’t require any particular equipment, except the rope obviously. My advice is to by the cheapest one possible, they’re all the same after all, you can even make your own !

Another benefit is that it’s actually really fun, you’ll feel as though you’re back in childhood. You can alternate jumping and perform figures, the whole family can use it together. You wont even feel like you’re training. It is also the best way to be motivated and feel good.

The Jumping Rope : A Great Solution !

Doing barely 12minutes a day (1minute of exercise, 1 minute of rest, 6 times) is enough to say that you’re perfuming an “intense sport”. Short sessions can easily be scheduled in your daily planning. Don’t forget that this is the best time/results ratio you can have : 12 minutes a day is enough to spur on beneficial changes.

The Jumping rope : So Many Benefits

The Jumping rope is a great all-rounder. Great for breathing, the heart, balance, coordination between hand and eye, boosting the abs and bone density. It also gives tone to your articulations, your wrists, your ankles and back. It muscles your forearms, your behind, your thighs. What’s more, the jumping rope is a great way to evacuate stress. You have no reason not to jump, it’s so simple and ludic ! The obese and frail should abstain.

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  • The model next door

    I better get myself a jump rope! 12 min per day seems very doable indeed