Professeur C & the science of learning through music

Learning through music with Professeur C
Learning through music with Professeur C

Enter the fascinating world of learning through music with Professeur C

Learning through music with Professeur C

Learning through music with Professeur C

We received an interesting story from one of our readers yesterday – we needed to find out more about that man who we will call ‘Professeur C’, indeed, he told us that his methods were not well-perceived by his peers and unveiling his real name on this website could put him at risks of getting fired from his current job.

Professeur C happens to be French and his letter was in French – hopefully one of our friends was able to translate that letter into English.


Original email we received from Professeur C

Hello KeyboardMilk,

Language is an instrument that we all use in our daily social activities and interactions with the world. It is therefore primordial for us to know how to use that instrument appropriately. The word “pedagogical music” refers to the methods and ways of teaching and transmit knowledge.

I am a pedagogue, I am a teacher, and more precisely an English teacher here in France. While I love my job, I’m always searching for new ways to improve our educational system. I am currently working on a new method I created, which is called “pedagogical music”. Although you may have never heard this word before and you might even be afraid of it, studies after studies have demonstrated that pedagogical music works.

Indeed, while the traditional way of learning – and by this I mean “learning by writing” or “learning by reading” – consists of cumbersome and iterative methods, the theory of pedagogical music stimulates the brain and more precisely the subconscious thanks to a low-frequency voice accompanied with musical harmonies. This is what pedagogical music is.

On a more technical aspect,  the subconscious absorbs that external musical source and hence remembers everything that is being conveyed through the music without the learner even knowing that he/she is actually learning. This was proven by a study conducted on more than 1000 high-school students in South-Korea.

At the moment, my goal is to train students to pass the French exam named CAPES (editor’s note: which is a French exam to become an university professor) with these new pedagogical methods. I am also working on a side project named ‘endocrine music’.

Best regards,
Professeur C

You can listen to one of the latest pedagogical music creations from Professeur C by playing the song right below:

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  • James McMuffy

    That really works great. My son was able to take his SAT without even attending school since 2005, just by listening to pedagogical music while sleeping