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You may have already heard that name before. In fact we talked about PolyAugustus in early September and even interviewed PolyAugustus back then. At that time, PolyAugustus was very angry at the world and created a song named “Politics ain’t nothing good” that you can listen for free on KeyboardMilk.com. He recently released a new song named “Reborn” which was first heard on our radio partner Antenne Beton (which is a French radio station based in the city of Le Havre).

In this new song named “Reborn”, PolyAugustus (a/k/a August Meinschaft) shows a more optimistic side of his personality, but given the huge difference between his first song “Politics ain’t nothing good” and this “Reborn” song, we decided to ask him what leaded him to that more optimistic style.


KeyboardMilk: Hey PolyA, why has your music style changed so dramatically in only a few weeks?

PolyAugustus: Hello KeyboardMilk, glad to have you talk about me again on your website! You know what? I was tired of fighting the system, I sure want it to change, but I cannot change it alone. This song is mainly about being happy of what you have and not about wanting the things you have to be changed. That song is part of my philosophical journey through space and time. Maybe I’ll get back to my political songs later, but to be honest, I don’t think I will.


Let us know what you think in the comments below and tell us if you miss the original PolyAugustus style!

You can listen to Reborn by PolyAugustus right below:

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  • http://www.keyboardmilk.com/ KeyboardMilk

    As an update here – PolyAugustus told us he is currently working on a very new song that will be made available tomorrow (Tuesday) on KeyboardMilk

  • http://www.keyboardmilk.com/ KeyboardMilk

    Hi Rodney, thank you for your kind feedback! PolyAugustus is planned to release a new song within the next couple of weeks, but his full album is not available on iTunes until the official release in late November. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be kept updated!

  • http://www.keyboardmilk.com/who-is-hans-peter-olivrin/ Hans-Peter Olivrin

    Hi Rodney, we appreciate your feedback – PolyAugustus should have a new song ready within the next few weeks and his full album will be released on every legal platform in late November. We recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter to be kept updated about that.

  • Rodney

    Hello. My son likes your music. We both do in fact!
    When will we be hearing more songs? We don’t understand, we can’t find the album on itunes?

    Rodney, Sussex

  • Cenk

    I must say I’m quite suprised of that new song, PolyAugustus used to sing very politically incorrect songs. It seems to me that he turned mainstream (though I actually like his new song)

  • keyboardmilk

    Do you miss the original PolyAugustus’ style? To be honest, we miss his political songs :(