Original story for kids – Simon and the Grapes

simon and the grapes
The Grapes

Original story for children

We are glad to announce that our professional children’s literature writer Emil Emmerich has written another story for the readers of KeyboardMilk. This new original story for kids is named “Simon and the Grapes” and once again teaches us to realize how selfish people can sometimes be.

The Fabulous Fables of Emil Emmerich

Simon and the Grapes (2014)

simon and the grapes

Simon was a silly boy. Silly Simon with his silly arms and his silly feet. What a mess he would make of such simple tasks! One time, he asked if he could walk his pet dog around the lake. It was a cold winter’s morning, the bleak sun hiding behind sullen clouds. A simple task one may think, but not for Simon, who made a big mess out of the whole thing. That is to say, everything turned shambles.

For his father had warned him to be careful : “Be careful Simon” his father urged  “don’t go too near the lake for Denzel cannot swim”. Later that morning Denzel the dog died in the dreary lake. “Oops I forgot” said a now sulking Simon to his parents, who were very cross indeed. After having fished out the floating corpse of the dead dog, his mother gave Simon a good beating with a prickly branch, but that didn’t seem to whack any sense into him. Poor Simon, poor old fellow, where did things go so very wrong?

Now, Simon loved to eat fruit. He would eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away! He also loved pears and his mother would cut them into little pieces for him, for it was forbidden that he be anywhere near the knives. One day, his mother brought home the most beautiful batch of green grapes one could ever lay eyes upon. Simon had ignored the existence of these lovely berries that grew in clusters on a grapevine until now, and he demanded to taste them at once.

His kind-hearted mother washed a few and laid them before him in a ceramic bowl. “Here you go dear, but be careful though, for inside are pips, that if you swallow, will make you very sick!”. But Simon wasn’t listening, he was far too busy watching a fly that had just entered the kitchen window and that was buzzing around like a busy bee : buzz buzz buzz…

Oh Simon, you silly boy, why did you not spit out the pips… For Simon swallowed the grapes in mere seconds. “Yummy! Yummy grapes, mummy!” said Simon to his mother. Simon, you silly silly boy, why did you not heed your mother’s wise advice. That night Simon’s stomach growled like a pack of wild wolves, he turned and tossed in his little wooden bed. He tried all he could but could not sleep. “Mummy! Mummy!” he cried out loud, “My Tummy!”.

Now readers be warned, for what happened next is quite grim indeed. For when his mother entered the room and to her dismay, she saw Simon naked and on all fours, brown roots protruding from his bottom. For the seeds were in germination and rapidly sprouting from of his openings. His face distorted, was pale lime, intense pain coursing throughout his body. He writhed around like a worm, on his bed screaming, his body falling apart at the seams. But the screaming soon ceased for Simon was dead. His body was now the foundation of new life: the grapevine.

His father entered the deceased child’s room and barked : “what’s all this commotion? I’m trying to sleep!”. He stopped in his tracks and stared at the plant, a wild gleam in his eye. “We must plant it immediately my dear!” So they hastened to the garden and planted the vine, and a few months later came savory wine! Simon’s parents sold the fermented grape juice and became very rich and lived happily ever after.

You see children, you must always heed the advice of your parents.

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