Original story for children – The fly


Original story for children

Emil Emmerich sent us a new original story for children. This story for children is quite different from what Emil usually writes – he describes this story for children as “neo-post-modernist”.

The Fabulous Fables of Emil Emmerich

The Fly (2014)

black-45803_1280I peeled off the skin to reveal its pale tender flesh. I was eating my banana. It was raining. Bananas are yellow. The banana had black spots on its yellow skin. The rain was pouring and I was wet.  I was eating my yellow banana under the pouring rain. A big black fly flew on my yellow banana and the fly became yet another spot on the bananas’ yellow skin.

It was rainy and it was  foggy and my glasses were wet. I couldnt see a thing and I certainly didn’t see the fly…The wind was howling and the skies were raging so I ate the banana but to my dismay the fly along with it. The big black fat fly. For the fly flew in my mouth whilst I was eating the banana. The fly was crunchy and bitter and the wind was cold and wet. The rain continued to pour and the sky was dark. And so the black fly on the bananas’ yellow skin went into my pink stomach.

And for all I knew I knew nothing.

Immense pain came upon me, my surroundings were blurring and the sky was fading, was this the end ? Then, I suddenly grew wings and flew off, I flew off like the fly I had become under a pale sun. The dark clouds were disolving, revealing shades of blue, a solid sky. I became a fat fly. A fat fuzzy fly.

The yellow skinned banana remained unfinished on the pavement. I hope nobody will slip on it, for the ground was soggy and slippery. I believe that this is how we die and how we are reborn. Death creates life and life is death, for the beauty of life can only be found in death.

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