Original story for children – The demon within


Original story for children

Our official and permanent collaborator Emil Emmerich – the famous German-based children’s literature writer has another story for children to share with the readers of KeyboardMilk. This week’s story again has a strong moral and will teach your children how to behave.

The Fabulous Fables of Emil Emmerich

The Demon Within (2014)

devil-33932_1280Long ago, near a dark forest lived a man and a woman. They were in love and decided to start a family. The woman was to have twins. She died whilst giving birth to twins: Natas and Paul. The two boys could not have been any more different, they were as different as black and white. Natas was the rotten apple, he was responsible for his mother’s death and what was more, he  was as ugly as could be. Paul however was as good as gold and a beautiful little boy.

The father quickly withered away like a rotten plant, in his last days he suffered severe mental depression and disorders of every kind. For having children is a hard affair indeed. At least there was Paul, who took care of things, he was a Shepard and Natas despised him. Natas seemed to be inhabited by dark demons. His very presence would suck the life out of things. Paul and Natas were brought up by the relatives on their father’s side.  They were to become gentlemen, good men of the sort, maybe doctors or judges, last living memory of their parents.

Now, whilst Paul was kind hearted and smart, his twin brother, Natas was as silly as could be, creating havoc. He would chew up pencils and eat the beautiful roses in the garden. He did strange things and was suspected of killing the family Dog.
“What a silly boy”, everyone exclaimed when they saw him. He was silly and evil. He had large beady eyes like those of a lizard, that lazed that were too close next to each other,  a large forehead, juicy lips and a slivering tongue like that of a snake. In fact, Natas was a curious creature indeed, he liked to put things in his mouth. He would sleep all day and move around at night. Touching things, anything and everything. He would taste and lick; pencils, brushes, clothes, towels, he even ate a bar of soap. He had a rotten heart, for he was jealous of Paul, everyone loved Paul…

Seeing as everybody hated Natas he was soon locked away in the basement, he often screamed during the night, his soul was full of hate. Paul would offer him bread and wine but Natas refused.

One night, Natas, he escaped, he went to his auntie’s bed and stuck his tongue in her ear, so far in that blood bled. She was now deaf. She screamed a vivid cry that pierced the wintery night. She grabbed Natas by the hair and dragged him into the kitchen, “you stupid boy, how did you get out?”, she cried. His eyes were red and he cried and cried.

satan-153725_1280Opening the drawer she took out a heavy meat cleaver, she stuck her hand deep into Natas’s mouth and pulled out his tongue to the fullest extent, the rubbery snake of a tongue writhed, it was an abominable thing , she aligned it on the cutting board and with a heavy blow the tongue fell to the floor in a pool of bloody tissues. Natas shrilled a cry and ran into the night disappearing into the forest, his shadow swallowed by darkness.

Curious however, curious that the tongue had also disappeared, only a pool of blood remained.  Was the tongue alive? Where was the tongue?

You see, the tongue grew and grew feeding upon mice, it grew into a fat snake of a tongue, raspberry pink with fat blue veins at its roots. Over 3 feet long. Natas’s body was found dead in the woods, he had lost too much blood from his tongue socket. But the snake lived on, determined to take revenge on the killers of its father.

During a stormy night, the tongue made a first appearance, it slithered around the house preparing its attack. It entered the house, the family was in front of the fire, singing a song for it was Christmas and they were Christians. The tongue devoured Paul whole and left his skeleton in a gooey mess. The aunt screamed trying to put Paul’s bones back together, but he was long gone for he no longer had flesh to hold him together. The uncle reached out for the pike that was next to the fireplace and pierced through the fat muscle, it quivered and failed, it died. But out of the tongue emerged a human form, reborn and naked, it was a demon.

The demon opened its mouth and inhaled its first breath, it opened its eyes, black like the void it came from. It resembled Natas in unholy distorted ways, crying out into the night, “I’m back, back for revenge”. It stumbled and slivered toward the victims, the aunt and uncle were in shock, static and incapable of any movement whatsoever.

The demon ripped out their tongues and went into the garden, he planted the tongues in the black soil and they grew into demons. The tongue tree and tongue fruit later soon turned into demons, and the demon family lived happily ever after.

You see children, demons and humans don’t mix, never trust a demon, but always trust your parents.

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