Monkey Ball – Simple but addictive

How to play monkeyball

Press the green flag to play the game – have fun!

While browsing the web as we do every morning, Oliver and I landed on a really good website where plenty of great games made by underground programming artists are available for you to play for free. The game that is by far our favorite is named “Monkey Ball” and albeit simple, is very addictive and a lot of fun.

Let us tell you how to play Monkey Ball:

  • Move the monkey on the horizontal axis by using the keyboard arrows
  • Jump by pressing the space bar on your keyboard
  • A dinosaur shows up when your score is equal or higher than 50. That dino is here to help you keep the balls away from the candles
  • The green ball is a bonus that you get when your score is higher than 20, that green ball does not make you lose the game when it touches the candles

Below is a brief tutorial where you can see the ball, the monkey, the candles. The goal being to move the monkey on the horizontal axis – and to make him jump if necessary – to prevent the ball from touching the candles. If the ball touches the candles, then you need to press “Z” to restart.

This game is full of surprises – the first ones being the dinosaur and the green ball. We managed to get a score of 1,789 with Oliver, we challenge you to do better than that! Good luck!

How to play monkeyball


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