Fashion advice by Mr Gay – Colours & harmony

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Accessories that Mr Gay takes with him everywhere he goes
Fashionista apparel

Accessories that Mr Gay takes with him everywhere he goes

KeyboardMilk brings you the latest in fashion and style. Thanks to Mr. Gay, our very own fashion expert.

In the modern world being nice isn’t enough, you must be well dressed. If you are well dressed good things will happen to you. You’ll get that promotion or that sexy lady at the bar. You’ll play golf with your boss. Never forget that fashion is power and power is money.


It’s not always easy to harmoniously associate colors when choosing what to wear…

Always respect an overall harmony

You must realize that some colours don’t get along with others. They can shock or be a flop. For example, a chocolate brown jacket and a black pair of jeans give you a bleak appearance. It just doesn’t work well together. Replace that black pair of jeans with a white pair of linen trousers and the brown will stand out magnificently.

One word: harmony. But harmony also means wearing colors that reflect your personality: why wear this years fashionable color (which is blue) when it doesn’t suit you? Respect your tastes and you will feel comfortable in your clothes. One other thing, a solid color look (all black for ex) is not a good choice, being to neutral and mundane. The key is to pick the choice of a mix of colors.

Black and White are Fashion’s Foundation

This is your starting point. Use it as framework when elaborating a new look. Depending on which colors you want to wear always have a little bit of black or white as they will reveal the dominant color. Black will heighten/accentuate flashy colors and white will amplify overall radiance.

Colours that Go Hand in Hand

Their are color duos that you should keep in mind. Pastel colors go well with pastel colors, use black to influence the effect or white to create a soft touch. For example pale blue and pale pink. Solid colors go well together, such as blue and orange. For a classical look play with maroon and dark grey. Never wear fluorescent (vividly colorful) colours.

What may Look Good on a Friend Might Not Suit You

Don’t forget that the color of your hair, skin and eyes are unique to you and you alone. You mustn’t forget to take them into account when you choose your clothes. Light skin goes well with soft pastel colors, this will create harmony and emphasize your main traits.

Those with darker skin should play with solid colors, not too vivid though. The use of an accessory such as a hat can be a good choice. Dark hair contrasts well with light accessories, never forget that contrast creates harmony.

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