Dr. Politika – Origins of feminism

Feminism modern representation

Feminism modern representation

Timeline of feminism – Analysis by sociologist Politika

As one of our readers, you may already know that we, at KeyboardMilk defend equality and are against discrimination; but we do not always understand the social phenomenon that we hear about. We therefore decided to ask an expert and contacted Dr. Politika, who is an expert in sociology and political science who could help us out clarifying this week’s controversial topic: feminism.

The origins of feminism

In order to correctly understand today’s feminism, we first need to dive into the past to find out where feminism comes from.

Here is a short historical timeline to help you get a sense of when feminism started spreading:

Feminism timeline

Feminism timeline

By reading this timeline, you should be able to place feminism in its historical context. Historians agree on that feminism was created a little while after WWII.

What should I learn from that timeline?

This is a key question; what you would need to remember from this historical timeline is that there has been roughly only 2 good things created between 4000 B.C.E and 2014, those are 1/ the “Invention of writing in Mesopotamia” and 2/ the “Creation of KeyboardMilk.com”, but you should also be able to understand that 2 very evil thing also took place within that timeframe, these two evil things are 1/ the great witch-hunt of 1600 and 2/ WWII.

Do you mean that there is a balance between Good and Evil in our world?

Indeed, that is exactly what I wanted to point out. There are good things and evil things and all those things combined tend to be balanced. This process can be represented by the following mathematical equation:

  • Good – Evil = 0

We can then compute this equation in order to find out how balanced the year 2014 is:

  • Good = Invention of writing
  • Good = Creation of KeyboardMilk.com
  • Evil = Witch-hunt of 1600
  • Evil = WWII
  • Good + Good – Evil – Evil = 2Good – 2Evil = (2Good – 2Evil)/2 = 0/2 =  Good – Evil = 0

Considering the 4 major events that took place between -4000 and 2014, the balance of Evil & Good seems to be equal to 0. Which means our world as of 2014 is perfectly balanced like the Ying and the Yang.

But, wait… You did not take feminism into account when computing the Good & Evil balance!

Indeed, I did not. You have noticed that our world was perfectly balanced until feminism was created. So here is the question we will be trying to answer in the next sections of this article:

  • Have feminism modified the balance of Evil and Good?
  • Is it Good? Is it Bad?

1. Have feminism unbalanced the balance of Evil & Good?

Yes, yes, yes. The answer and objective truth is definitely yes. As per my mathematical proof above; but, in order to not get you overwhelmed, we will talk about the consequences of that wrong balance in a later article.

Of course, I encourage you to share your viewpoint in the comment box below – you can start thinking about what consequences this wrong balance has led to.

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    Looking forward for the next article. Really interesting to learn facts backed up with plenty of evidence and science