Dr Lovepen: key to romantic success – Step #2

Will you find the right one for you?
Will you find the right one for you?

The Pre-Approach : Applying the L2 Filter and the Golden Square.

Will you find the right one for you?

Will you find the right one for you?

Once you have the Ricardio Spectrum in mind you can move on to step 2. Step 2 consists of approaching women, before which you must refine your initial diagnostic.

Dear Dr. Ricardio, why all the research?

Because the approach is a primordial step towards winning the heart of any woman. We are talking about first impressions and first impressions tend to linger in one’s mind for eons and eons. Scientific studies show that women make their minds up about men  in the first five minutes, thus playing on key is of uttermost importance. You can fail before even having muttered a word.

Hence, identifying the type of female you are about to approach before approaching her (see it as a skirmish mission) is basic custom. If you must, write down her principal traits on a notebook and place her on the Ricardio Scale (applying L2 filtering if possible).

Know her weaknesses so you can use them against her (for ex a shy girl will not appreciate a direct approach but a more subtle one, she will however appreciate genuine interest and nice attention (see article on how to emulate genuine interest), on the other hand, if you’re looking for a one night stand and go for the shallow but popular girl you will have to play your hand accordingly). Let me develop on this. I shall now present you with the “L2 filtering” Theory.

The Ricardio Spectrum is a basic spectrum (L1 placement), it is the first step of identification. The L2 filter can afterwards be applied to finetune and heighten success. The “L2 Filter” takes into account her position (after L1)  and then applies “post-position filtering” (this positions her on the Y axis, 0 being neutral ; +10 extravert ; -10 introvert). Her position must be identified before the first approach. The best women find themselves in the “Golden Square” (the more toward the center the better, unless you are looking for a certain style of girl).

Let me summarize:

  • First apply L1 filtering on the Ricardio spectrum (X axis)
  • Secondly apply L2 filtering (Y axis)

Girls who are in the Golden square are recommended as they have the best overall traits. However you may be looking for something particular, an extremist. After establishing position you will know how to approach the female.

Don’t forget, identifying the target is the first key to success. You must always be prepared and 3 steps ahead. Next time I will talk about the actual approach. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

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