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Dr Lovepen shares all his seduction techniques

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Dr Lovepen shares all his seduction techniques

Hello friends and lovers, welcome to a brand new issue of Dr Ricardio Lovepen’s seduction techniques. It has been some time I know… but you see, I’m snowed under at work – I heal many patients a day and aspire to grand projects in the near future.

But let’s get back to the real reason why we’re here today. To talk about females.

Today I shall unveil the secret of all secrets, that is how to have 99.99% success with any women. Women are naturel beings, that is a fact. But don’t forget that society and more notably education has instilled women to think along certain lines. Women are “hardwired” and like all creatures in this world they obey to the “natural laws of animal behaviour”. This is all very theoretical I know, but it is important to know how things work before diving in. Never forget that without understanding how a woman thinks you will not get to be with her (or sleep with her!).

1) You must reciprocate a women’s trait in order to “connect”

Scientific studies (that were made possible thanks to Mr. Oliver Freitag, involving 352 Swedish women) reveal that women are attracted not to physical appearance but personality. This proves a point, you can be unattractive but still attract attractive females (yes I like to play with words). So rejoice because anything and everything is possible and permitted, this is what you call the “game of seduction”.

Now, we cannot change our physical appearance (to a certain extent) but we can adapt our personality, this theory is called “elaboration of (E)PP:perfect personality”. If you have read my previous articles you will know that you must always observe before approaching any target (female) and hence you should know her by heart without even having met her (before making contact). Thus it is possible to EPP any girl if you have studied her accordingly. For example, once you have studied the main traits of a hard working female that loves animals; you know that her traits are 1) career and 2) affectionate creatures (children, friendly animals etc.), thus you must ‘mirror’ those traits and in fact emphasize them by approximately 15%.

This seduction technique is also known as mirroring, combined with general traits that women are attracted to in a man (kindness, hardworking, popular, busy, artistic, intelligent etc.) it creates an almost perfect solution (99.99%).

Why does this work?

Many believe that science and love are two different things, but after more than 20 years of giving therapy and studying group behaviour I have reached certain conclusions. Women want to “connect” we often hear this word that actually doesn’t mean anything. But if women want to “connect”, well, so do you (you see where I’m going with this right?). If a female cannot relate to you on a personal traits, how will she relate to you on a spiritual level? Women want to be “understood”, again this is nonsense but it is primordial to go along with the flow. If a woman can relate to you spiritually you shall fulfill her need to be understood (ego). This will make her feel special and will release endocrines in association with your image, hence creating what one calls love. Love after all is only a chemical reaction.

2) Love, a chemical reaction.

Yes, that’s right, love is nothing more than an important dose of chemicals that stream through our bodies at a given time. You see the goal of nature is to reproduce, reproduction is the goal of life and all living things. Our bodies and minds are hardwired toward reproduction with the opposite sex. For men it is simple, everything is based upon physical attraction, but women are more complicated and must be “manipulated” (manipulation is the art of attracting a female, just like lions or peacocks that fight for the women of their choice, you may read my article on “animal instinct” for more information).

Ricardio’s Small Fact !

Love actually only lasts 3.3 years, the approximate time for reproduction, giving birth and primal nursing. After which a couple may diverge and lead man to sew his seeds elsewhere.

So women must be manipulated and what better way than mirroring them and complementing those traits with other seduction techniques (read other articles for more techniques), this will boost your chances and augment your success rapidly. Never forget that women hold all power until you have slept with them, this is called “the after coitus reversal of power” in which man dominates the female and maintains/assumes his dominant status.

Good Luck and I shall be back soon enough with more articles.

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