Dr Lovepen answers your love questions 001

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Dr. Lovepen answers love questions from our readers

Love questions answered by Dr. Lovepen – 001

Picture of Dr. Lovepen

Dr. Lovepen answers love questions from our readers

Hello readers!

Long time no see, I’ve been very busy. Today I’m taking the train to Zurich (TGV from Paris 5.43AM) to meet my good friends at KeyboardMilk, and consequently, have a couple of hours before me and fell upon many of your emails for the very first “Dr Lovepen answers the love questions you ask”.

Thank you for your question, Thomas, age 23 (from Stratford-upon-Haven, England) who asked :

Why am I drawn to certain types of girls Dr Lovepen and why does my heart start beating very fast when our eyes meet?

In the last articles you learnt how to re-visualize the women you may cross throughout your daily routine. But the filters applied concern mostly behavioral traits and hence prevent future issues that may lead to mental breakdown. Consequently, today’s mini article and answer might seem a little shallow in comparison, but these “physical traits”  are of primordial importance and may very well lead to further questioning and scientific study (based in Sydney 2015).

There are three major physical traits that we rapidly identify when seeking a female companion (unconsciously). These are: Global Measurements (G.Mensuration); Facial Features (expression physiognomy) and corporal attributes (corporal physiognomy).

Here is a frequent question that my undergrad students often throw at me.

But Dr Ricardio, isn’t it deemed shallow to consider a person only perceiving his or her physical traits?

The answer is very simple : Genes.

The goal of the human race, of humanity as a whole, is to pass on ones genes. This is where natural selection occurs. We wish to mate with good looking people because they carry the best genes. All this is scientific/mathematic and is further explained by Charles Darwin in his theory of evolution (On the origin of Species 1859 and The Descent of Man). This explains for example why the human race is growing taller and taller, or why we evolved from apes to better looking people, in other words we are refining the human race, only desiring “fancy” genes.

Another question that correlates with this particular subject that I received (Danny from Kent, age 41) was :

Why are we attracted to females with big breasts Dr Ricardio?

First things first, not everyone appreciates big breasts. But, more seriously, we actually are drawn towards big, firm, vein-free breasts because they remind us of the female’s posterior. This was because man would mount the female from behind in prehistoric times (evidence shows that this trend occurred essentially during the Stone Age, particularly in the Near east and southeastern Europe, in the late 4th and early 3rd millennium BC) before turning her around and adopting what we now call the “missionary position” (aka the man-on-top position). This is what is known as “animal magnetism”: a quality of sexual attractiveness. Or what many call animal reaction/instinct.

If you search for romantic enlightenment please contact KeyboardMilk.com, they make sure I get your emails. Thank you KeyboardMilk. Thank you readers.

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