Chavvy Chris – Sex Maniac

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Would Chavvy Chris be a sex maniac?

Chavvy Chris recently released a new song named “Sex Maniac” – that song is part of his latest E.P entitled “The Factory”. He sent us that song so that we share it with all of our readers, we reached out back to him to find out more about where he is now a few weeks after our first article about him and his song “Police Sunshine”. As a reminder, Chavvy Chris had escaped the prison in which he was kept prisoner and was on the run, hiding from the cops and living in sewerage systems and some random basements.

So, Chavvy Chris, tell us, what have you been up to since we talked about you a few weeks ago?

Chavvy Chris: “First of all, thank you so much for having me on, that’s always a great pleasure for me to be given the freedom of speech on the Internet. You know, where I live (editor’s note: in a basement under a tire factory in a small town of England), I don’t really have the opportunity to promote my music and share it with people. So, thank you again guys for letting me be one of your permanent collaborators. Let me answer your question though; so what have I been up to since we last spoke in early September? Well, you know, I continued raving with my homies, composing music, doing drugs and sleeping with prostitutes. You know, that’s pretty much all I do.”.

KeyboardMilk: “What about your latest song? The Sex Maniac song? Does that song mean anything in particular to you?”

Chavvy Chris: “I am kind of involved in the medical and scientific world; you know I take a lot of drugs so I am beginning to know a couple of things about chemicals and stuffs like that. And I think that after all these years being a kind of doctor in my group of friends, I am now realising that I might be a drug addict; I already had some doubts about that; but the worst thing I found out was that I might also be what doctors call a “sex maniac”. That’s really hard to go by with such an addiction and I wanted to talk about that in my song to let people know that if they are sex maniacs too, it does not matter, they are not alone.”

KeyboardMilk: “Always gad to have you here Chris, see you soon on!”


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