Chavvy Chris – Retrospection

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Chavvy Chris – Retrospection

We have not released any new songs for quite a while (reason for this being that we were working on the plan of a new building we are planning to build in LA), but we have some great news for you! Chavvy Chris is back!

If you remember, Chavvy Chris was sent behind bars a few months ago. He had a hard time convincing the judge to let him get out of the prison for a couple of days to record a song, but he was eventually allowed to go (escorted by several police officers) and needless to say that he made the most of these two days. This new song named “Retrospection” is a song that Chavvy Chris told us he had been working on for the past few weeks – he talks about his life in prison and more precisely about the criminal spree that eventually got him sent back to prison.


As always though, we had a little chat with Chavvy Chris (via Skype) and share the transcript with you guys so that you can really get a sense of how much of a strong meaning this song actually has.

KeyboardMilk: Hey Chavvy! So how did you get to the recording studio?

Chavvy Chris: Hey thanks for having me once again! Oh you know, I’m not going to say that it was easy, but hey I finally managed to convince the prison’s chief to let me go for a few days. That’s a lot of procedure you know, you don’t really want to hear about it!

KeyboardMilk: Alright then, but we must ask you, isn’t life in prison that bad for you?

Chavvy Chris: You know, we do what we can to survive in that environment. As always, I just get by and figure out some ways of passing time. I have started a small business in the block C of the prison – I steal pillows and then sell them to fresh prisoners who need a pillow, I make quite a lot of money, but that is not the same thing as outside. No more prostitutes, no more crack cocaine, no more living in abandoned factories and all that – I gotta say that I miss all that, you know.

KeyboardMilk: Glad to hear you are doing well. So, let’s talk a little bit more about your new song, the song named “Retrospection” – what can you tell us and our readers about it?

Chavvy Chris: Well, you know when I was sent to jail back in November, I had access to the recording studio of the prison, that’s where I was able to record my song named Back To Jail, but then things did not work out that well, I ended up assaulting the guard in there, so he got mad and all heated up and I was kicked out and banned of the prison’s recording studio. So, over the weeks following that, I was trying to figure out a way to record new songs outside the prison’s walls, but that wasn’t quite easy. Then, like I said, that was a lot of procedure and stuff but I eventually was allowed to record my song.

KeyboardMilk: Alright Chris, could you tell us a bit more about the song itself rather than about the recording studio?

Chavvy Chris: Sure. So it all started when it was Christmas, I was trying to come clean and all that, so I started reaching out to people outside trying to get them to pardon what I had done to them, but nobody would listen to me. In fact, they even called the cops on me – I guess they didn’t know I was in jail already. That really had me think about it, like you know, about what I am, who I am, what I do, etc. I eventually understood that what I was meant to do is break out of that cell again, like I did the first time I broke out of here years ago. So that’s song is kind of a mix of who I am and how I feel right now. In Retrospection, I fully acknowledge what I am you know, like I say that I commit crimes, but then I also say that I’ve got my gun you know, ready to fight like always, ain’t gonna give up whatever shit pops up. So it’s like a paradox you know, a kind of antithetic trip through how I feel (pretty shitty) and what I want to do (fight).

KeyboardMilk: That’s great man. You know I was telling Oliver that it was exactly what I thought the song was about, but he wouldn’t listen. To him, Retrospection was about politics, but he missed the whole point, right?

Chavvy Chris: Yeah pretty much, but you know this is art and as always, you can project yourself and what really interests you onto the song that you’re listening to. That song can be about politics if that’s what you’re into, you know these days it’s all about politics, Joe Biden, Chris Christie, Boris Johnson and all these names often pop up in my mind and I think to myself like “Oh man these guys are cool”, so that’s quite plausible that that feeling can transpire in Retrospection.

KeyboardMilk: Alright. Thanks Chavvy Chris, always a pleasure to have you with us.

Chavvy Chris: Thanks! Have a nice day then, I got some new pillows to sell to my cellmate.


Hope you enjoyed our interview with Chavvy Chris and leave a comment below as always! You can of course listen to this song right below by clicking the play button on the player!


Lyrics to Retrospection by Chavvy Chris

I commit crimes
I just get by
I ain’t gonna die
Stuck in my mind

Through the prism
In my prison
Pray for me son
I got my gun

I’ll be long gone
Leave a message
After the tone

The sky is grey
Not unlike Jay
I like X-Ray
Not in my tray

Through the prism
In my prison
Pray for me son
I got my gun

(Back) I’m in prison (Back)

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