Chavvy Chris is back in jail for sexual assault

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He got jailed, he escaped, he got jailed again

We have a very sad story to share with our readers today – as you may already know from the previous articles we wrote about British artist Chavvy Chris  (about his issues with the cops // about his fight against sexual addiction) over the past months, Chavvy Chris – whom is one of our major artists here at – has been facing legal issues for a long time now. He indeed got jailed some years ago for drug trafficking, but managed to escape out of the prison after a little while spent behind bars.

His trial – of which the verdict was officially confirmed yesterday, on the sad and tragic day of Nov. 3rd – teached us that Chavvy Chris was staying in France the whole month of October and that, during his time there, he sexually assaulted several people in the subway near the Eiffel Tower. The French police was actively looking for him, and eventually caught him when he was trying to flee out of the country to go to Scotland by ferry. The French police decided to send Chavvy Chris back to his natal country for him to pay for the crimes he has committed.

As mentioned above, Chavvy Chris’ trial took place yesterday and it was decided that he is going to spend the next 22 years of his life in the Southampton Correctional Center for multiple criminal charges:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault
  • Attempted murder
  • Noise disturbance
  • Rape
  • Tax fraud
  • Insider trading


Judging from that long list of criminal charges against him, he will likely not show up in London before a long time. Our hearts go out to Chavvy Chris and his family in this tough and sad period.

Good news is, however, that Chavvy Chris has been jailed into a high-end prison in which he will have access to the Internet and will also be able to record songs and send them to us during his time in prison. Though he will not have a full access to Internet, it will be enough to let him send us his songs; so you should still hear about and from Chavvy Chris on a regular basis.

Chavvy - back to jail

As soon as he entered the prison for the second time of his life, Chavvy Chris started composing a new song, and here it is, it speaks for itself, it is named “Back to jail” and is a typical Chavvy Chris song, very groovy, chavvy, underground, agressive. Don’t forget to leave a comment to show your support to Chavvy Chris – he really needs it. Thank you all and may God bless you.

Back to jail by Chavvy Chris:

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  • Michael O Connor

    Good luck mate, we are on your side.

  • Matthew O’Connell

    I am happy Chavvy Chris released a new song even though I would have preferred to get that new song in different circumstances. Hold on Chris!

  • Howard Gillighan

    This is a really really sad story, but I cant help but think that guy somewhat deserved what happened to him… I mean, come on, how could you even think about getting away with all these criminal charges! That’s still a sad story though, fucked up world definitely