Antenne Beton (FR) – Podcast 001

antenne beton podcast

Antenne Beton – Podcast 001

As you all know helps the artist in need. Last month Oliver and I and the rest of the team happened to be in the industrial French city Le Havre.

During our excursion in the city we met the team behind the local radio station “Antenne Béton” (roughly translated as Concrete Airwaves), that is to say Edouard and Léonard. The radio show is not well known in France but it has great potential, we wished to help them, hence as of now is an official sponsor.

Their show is broadcast live in the early hours of morning from 3am to 4am on an independent channel. Their radio station is a mix of political affairs, global economy, free speech and dry humour etc . They also promote local artists that we will be sure to also promote on our website.

We hope you appreciate them as much as we do!

Note: for technical reasons we cannot stream the show live on our website, the show shall appear as a retransmission).

Antenne Beton – Podcast #001 – this very first podcast contains an unpublished song from a new artist (Cautrelle) as well as a very new PolyAugustus song; enjoy!

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  • Janice

    I really like that radio show! I had to opportunity to learn French as I went studying in France for a couple of years, that’s good to hear the beautiful language that is French!

  • keyboardmilk

    Let us know what you think of the very first Antenne Beton podcast in the comment box!