Alstom – The poet of space and time

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Hello Readers!

Whilst in the London Underground Hans and I (Oliver Freitag) met Alstom, a young talented 22 year old rapper/painter. But Alstom does not create any kind of rap, Alstom has elaborated London New-Era rap, an artistic movement that is more mature in form and meaning than classic Old-Era rap that still has solid roots in Harlem.

Alstom suffers mild depression and the fact that Alstom paints and sings help him get through the day!

Alstom paints with water-colors and likes nature, he is a neo-romantic. But he believes that time is near its end and likes to sing about matter. He is widely recognized as the precursor to New Age rap and many people in the Bronx respect his style. Some people consider Alstom too Avant Garde! But HSO (Hans) and I believe that he has a bright future ahead of him.


He loves to walk in Hyde Park and can be seen painting there hours upon end. He will be in Paris next month for his upcoming european tour. Get tickets while you can! We have invited him to record his upcoming album Space & Time at Studio.

You can already listen to his song A67 right here!

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  • Nigel

    geez guys this is great, I think I met im in manchester near the ol fishnchips? tRight guyz? LEts go for a beer haha good times lol

  • Doug Aslan

    I give up. You are a retard. End of discussion.

  • Adam Tresker

    dont try to be clever,your just bein annoyin bro. i dont give a shit about what your thinkin

  • Doug Aslan

    He may sound depressive, but your writing style isn’t that great either. Learn to use punctuation and correct spacing between two words and sentences you dumbass. -_-‘

  • Adam Tresker

    that guy just sounds depressive to me.i dont like it a bit

  • Jonas Kens

    It sounds like “synthetic poetry” but it is still original; the whole synthetic poetry thing is actually original no matter how many songs of that style there are in this world-great bro keep up the good work

  • Phil Mann

    Is it the same guy that build trains in france? haha (alstom also is a company hahaaaa got it yeaaa)