Alien Encyclopedia – Zeta Reticulans (grey aliens)


The Grey Aliens


Here is our very first page of the Alien Encyclopedia. You have all at least once heard about the Zeta Reticulans species (they are also referred to as Grey Aliens, Alien Greys, Grays, Roswell Greys) – they are the most famous kind of aliens and most of the alien abduction stories you have heard about most likely involve Grey Aliens.

Where do the Grey Aliens live?

The planet they are originally from is located between the Capricornus and Centaurus constellations – that planet is named Crazon-551b. Although the NASA scientists are well aware of its existence, that planet exploded about 10 billions of years ago but its light has not made its way to Earth yet.

Where did they move to when their planet exploded?

As explained above, their planet exploded 10 billions of years ago, leaving a black hole filled with black matter. At that time, the Grey Aliens were as developed as the human race will be in year 5,900, they predicted that explosion and had already started colonizing foreign planets. They permanently moved all their population onto a planet named Krok-4a about 800 years before Crazon-551b exploded.

What language do they speak?

They speak the Zeta language – which is not exclusively spoken by Grey Aliens though. They can also communicate by telepathy – which means they do not have to make sounds with their mouth to be heard and understood by one another.

What do they look like and are there any Grey Aliens living on Earth today?

They look like the basic aliens that you can see in movies, but the texture of their skins is more gummy than what you would see in the movies. Yes, the population of Grey Aliens living on Earth in 2014 is estimated at roughly 3 millions.

You may not recognize them as extraterrestrial-beings though, as they dress well and have learned to master the science of looking like humans – most of them are usually dressed in suits, but that has not always been the case. Back in the 80’s, they thought that humans would not recognize them if they just dressed like humans without masking their alien facial features.

Below is a technical drawing showing what Grey Aliens looked like back in the 80’s – they still look the same but now wear facial masks and casual clothes.




Technical details

  • Size: 5 feet (1.52 m)
  • Weight: 90 lbs (40 kg)
  • What they usually wear: Grey aliens wear suits since 1994
  • What sports they play: Grey aliens play soccer and golf
  • What food they eat: Grey aliens eat vegetables


How can I know whether a person I am speaking with is a Grey Alien?

Back in the 80’s, you would have only had to analyze their pants to find out that they were not humans (they used to were shorts); but things have gotten much more complicated over the past few decades. You can still analyze their gesture and see how naturally they move – Grey Aliens walk a little faster than human people and they typically tend to glide rather than walking step by step.

Have grey aliens already infiltrated the government?

Yes they have. You may remember what happened in 1997 when the vice-president of New-Zealand got jailed, it was later proved by NASA that he was jailed for being a grey alien trying to steal human information. Before being jailed though, he had enough time to gather information about the human species. Experts estimate that Grey aliens have been infiltrating the governmental institutions of every country since the Roswell incident (1947).

Are Grey Aliens a threat to humanity?

They are very friendly to humans but have an unusual sense of moral – which means that may not consider the same things to be right or wrong. For instance, they planned and played an active role in the explosion of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and they later explained that they had done that to point out how poorly secured the human nuclear buildings were.

What should I do if I run into a Grey Alien in the morning while going to work?

We would strongly recommend you not to pay attention to whether people are aliens or humans – staring at them or being suspicious might make them feel like you are being racist. You can ask the grey aliens if they are grey aliens, but they are unlikely to answer positively to such a question – they also might feel offended.

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  • Jasper

    Gyllen, I’ve definitely seen some, they seem to like london for some reason… I stayed calm and everything went smoothly.

  • KeyboardMilk

    Our advice is definitely: act normally and avoid paying too close attention to what the extraterrestrials do or you might very well end up with a huge problem (they are nice as long as you respect them)

  • Gyllen

    I’m pretty sure of having seen one once… I was going to work riding a cab as every morning, but the taxi driver was… well… really weird, he did not really speak English and moved his body in a very strange non-human way… That’s scary but yah I’m pretty happy of learning about extraterrestrial guys to know how to react when I meet one