Alien Encyclopedia – Monstrum Roseus (The Pink Aliens)

Pink alien portrait

The Pink Aliens

Pink alien portrait

Pink Aliens are quite a rare species, they were discovered during the industrial revolution in Europe and have not been seen since.


Pink Aliens from their Latin denomination Monstrum Roseus refers to the fact that they are Pink “Monsters”, this is partly due to the fact that during the early 19th century many thought them to be demons or fiends. However, as we now know that those which were called “demons” are in fact aliens (since the beta discovery) we prefer to categorize them as Pink Aliens.

Where do the Pink Aliens live?

Pink Aliens originate from the core of Mars, they are still actively present as they are wholly responsible for the reddish color of the planet. Their bodies are composed of iron oxide (which is their equivalent to our oxygen). Due to the thin atmosphere of Mars equating in harsh temperatures during winter polar cacps (around -143’C) which cannot store much solar heat, pink aliens have an organism called “inner fires” which maintain their body temperatures at a working level. They are extremely versatile creatures and can live for hundreds of years. However the major dust storm that occurred during the new millennium left many dead.

Where are they now?

As has already been stated, many still live near the core of mars, they tend to live underground in order to avoid dust storms. Their huge eye is a powerful tool as they can see in the dark at a great distance. Their eye covers a panorama of 355 degrees making them very dangerous predators.

It is rumored that a few were seen during the industrial revolution, this is highly unlikely as the Earth doesn’t contain enough iron oxide.

What language do they speak?

Many believe that they speak Barsoomian but this is in fact a myth. Pink Aliens are dangerous predators and communicate using a specific airwave frequency that the human ear cannot perceive. In fact if one were to cross a pink alien they should immediately cover their ears or else suffer from paroxysmal positional vertigo resulting in a spinning sensation. This is one of the pink aliens attack mechanisms; it will wait until its target is dizzy before eating the brain.

What do they look like?

Thanks to new technology and satellites that photograph Mars we have managed to create an accurate illustration of the Pink Alien. As you can see they are pinkish (sometimes red depending on their level of iron oxide, when they die they turn pearl white). They have one large eye capable of seeing everything. It is named “eye of Odin”. It does not have fingers or toes, this is because the body is polymorph and similar to liquid jelly, all the organs are stored in the head. It does however have two strange papilla, these are probably used for reproduction but we are still clueless vis a vis to how they procreate.
They are slightly bigger than humans, their eye is approximately as big as a human head. Their hair is used as a sort of antennae, capable of transmitting and receiving sounds of all frequencies. It is probable that they listen to our radio signals but don’t understand our language. Whilst emitting or receiving their hair emits a distinct bluish glow and grows slightly in length.


Adult pink alien

Technical details

  • Average Size: 9 to 10 feet (2.75 to 3.00 m)
  • Weight: 70 lbs (32 kg)
  • Color: Shades of pink red and white
  • Food: Iron Oxide (on mars they feed on iron ores and pigments. If on earth they would probably drink the hemoglobin of humans and animals)
  • Habitat: mostly underground Mars

Are Pink Aliens a threat to humanity?

Not immediately, however if they were to end up on Earth they could be very dangerous as they would feed on humans. They are also very powerful, and like to eat the brains of their dead.

What should I do if I run into a Pink Alien?

Cover your ears and take shelter, however survival is unlikely as it is almost impossible to hide from a pink alien. They are very capable predators. And move at high speeds due to their jelly like bodies.

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