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Aliens are knocking on our door

alien encyclopedia keyboardmilk

As you all know, researchers are searching the universe in the hope of finding new planets, and it turns out that they keep discovering plenty of new planets everyday. Living in the space is now a reality – though you may doubt of it, many people are already living on other planets (and by “many people”, I do mean “humans from Earth”). The point we – at KeyboardMilk – want to emphasize is that you better be prepared to share your planet with aliens as they are now knocking at our door. We will be guiding you through the mysteries of the Universe and will also explain you exactly what different creatures of the space are roaming around our planet and whether or not those creatures are a threat to the human species.

We think that it is important for our readers to really get a sense of how big the Universe is:

View how big the Universe is!

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Woooow, there must be plenty of creatures in the universe!

Indeed, there are many creatures out there in the universe, we do not pretend to know everything and our alien encyclopedia will not cover each and every creature of the Universe – simply because some of them are still unknown – but we know a lot about aliens and astronomy – as you may have noticed, Oliver and I have had a pretty hectic life since the moment we were born, we have met many interesting people – including people working as experts for very important and credible astronomy research organizations and people working in the government and secret services – and have learned a lot from all of them. We have also met people that had been kidnapped by extraterrestrials and we are still in contact with them as of today.

We will build a codex listing all the stories, creatures, aliens, interesting facts we know about the Universe – there will also be interviews, testimonies, and everything!

And please, let us know if you have once been in contact with extraterrestrials and we will talk about your story online! Stay tuned for the very first page of the 2014 Alien Encyclopedia!


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  • The Grey Aliens by on 2014/10/18 – this article introduces the most famous and common species of extraterrestrial-beings, the Grey Aliens!
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